• LEGO Razor crest Advance Lighting kit #75331

    – Advanced- for the most advanced builder who wants to take their creations to the ultimate level. We provide instructions so installation is simple just by using the step by step instructions.

    – Check the last picture of the gallery. It will contain a video of the LEGO® light kit in action.

    – Check the description below to see the video instructions else download the instructions from the download tab – It is advised that if light up brick products are used by children, that they are used under adult supervision. Light up brick products should not be used by children younger than 3 years old . It is to be noted that small parts and batteries may be a chocking hazard.

    – Lighting kits may be powered by either a USB wall adapter, AA Batteries or by a USB power bank. Please note kits DO NOT include any source of power

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